Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Pastor Cho Yonggi guilty of stealing $12m

Over the years I had wondered if Cho Yonggi would end up spending time in prison.

I had also wondered how many pastors get away with such offences.

Now why be a successful pastor at all? Because it is far easier to con a congregation to get  rich and wear the trappings of success than many other alternatives.

Successful churches do so at their own risk. At the same time they end up shutting out those Jesus longs for: the poor. One of them was my late father. He couldn't afford to put anything in the offering bag. After a while, too embarrassed to continue he quit going to church. But God cannot be stopped. The job to reach him fell to me decades later and I didn't even understand until he was almost gone. It wasn't one of those typical death bed conversion story, which experience has taught me to be skeptical.


  1. always the case. A religious outfit run by budget and bottom-line accounting will go down this way. Imagine how many people seeking God get disillusioned. Making others lose faith is more sinful than losing one's own faith. Sad but real

  2. Wolves support wolves? I found this website very interesting
    seems like there is much connecting between CHC and Yonggi!