Thursday, March 27, 2014

Only Blogging for Myself and Family

I think a couple of years back I explained by replying to comments that I am blogging for myself and family with totally no interest in attracting eyeballs. Some asked me why not make the blog private and I told them that it was naive to think anything on the web can ever be private. Keeping is under electronic lock and key gives one a false sense of security. Look at how easy it is to break into safes. Just check how much Bitcoins were stolen in Japan. Without the Internet could the NSA mount such a pervasive and efficient cyber spying effort? But I shouldn't blame people for not knowing the danger. Most people do not have a systems or software development background.

If anyone wants to keep anything completely private they should take a page from Deng Xiaoping and Suharto. Both took their secrets to the grave locked between their ears forever, don't even write it in code on paper.

Going forward, privacy is an increasingly scarce commodity. People should just learn to live their lives with as few secrets as possible. Imagine yourself running for the US Presidency where every secret you have will be dug out and exposed. Fortunately all of us are not running for President and few people are interested in our dirty laundry.

I am amazed that my sloppy writing has attracted thousands of page views every week. Unless I am thinking and writing at the same time, I write quickly and never write clearly, and only make the exception for the kids benefit. Even so, I sometimes have to tell them to come back and read it when they are older. Most times, I can only be correctly understood if you have been following this blog regularly. I thought this should put paid any significant interest in this blog but I was wrong. Crazy coming to this blog to misunderstand what I mean but I have learned people see what they want to see. The evidence is in the comments they sometime leave behind which I very rarely respond to. Daniel Kahneman, Dan Ariely etc., had explained this well to us.

So when I blog I feel like living in a glass house with people walking by and turning their heads to look. I have learned much from this valuable experience and I think everyone ought to try it. Of course if you are seeking fame, it wouldn't work.

This is my first and only post for people beyond the glass wall.

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  1. You are right - nothing is secret. Someone must have sighted the 122 odd debris since day one. Someone must have been watching or orchestrating the whole episode even before the plane took off.
    I understand you always emphasise as the title suggests you are blogging for yourself.
    But quite unfortunately it is pretty accessible on the open net. That is why I advocate some check on people accessing it so that it will not seen as offensive to the public at large (or the private individual who stumbles in). Not having that in check exposes one to criticism and brickbats. Why want broken glass?
    Not a very good analogy - but irresponsible blogging (even for oneself) is like walking around in one's underwear within public sight though one finds it comfortable within the confine of one's seeming private home.
    Most people don't have time to return to reflect on something written (or spoken) which is no fault of theirs because the new world is infested with short-termism and nothing waits, or nothing stays (move on, nothing more syndrome)
    I am sure those interested in visiting your blog are not seeking fame or a fight, especially those who are regular.
    If we restrain ourselves in our words and give a second thought before publishing them, respect will be due to us. Credibility carries through the message one delivers. So much falsehood and hatred are circulated these days - like that fake Malaysia Airlines advert - a given view published may be embraced whole-headedly by the non-discerning and lead to dire consequences. There are always two or more sides to a matter - there is nothing wrong being strong holding one's view but we must recognise other views or perceptions too - all the more so when it is easily available on the open net.
    Bearing any possible reader's sensitivity in mind will make your "private" blogging more productive and rich - and in the process benefiting not just yourself but many others . I commend you on your effort