Thursday, March 13, 2014

NTU invitation to high tea with Bertil

I don't understand NTU. They were very original with offering an online form for staff to resign their positions, truly a first. Recently I read in the papers that they will no longer mail acceptance letters to incoming students, instead will be notified via email. Today my daughter showed me this from the NTU President's Office. What's the point? So she RSVP this nicely done up invitation and letter....months later she will only get an email if NTU accepts her? Incongruous.

I think she should just go to NUS where she already practically has the pick of anything she wants.

Oh one more thing. The A levels results weren't out till March 3 but this letter was dated February 28. The way NTU work, this is more like Malaysia than Singapore. Yep, I am thinking of how our neighbor up north is handling the mysterious disappearance of MH370. I am guilty of exaggeration but they do not leave a good impression.

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