Saturday, March 8, 2014

MAS 777 may have crashed

This just came in for me. A grave tragedy for Malaysia :-(

This morning I told wifey that an MHS plane had been lost. She asked who stole it. I said no, the plane wasn't stolen. It didn't arrive in Beijing early this morning as scheduled.

Then there were rumors that it had landed in Nanning. You know, that is a very Malaysian response. But as the clocks ticked past the hours, we all know the 777-200 would have ran out of fuel.

Now the oil slick. This is absolutely bad. Falling from 35,000 feet can you expect survivors? Now the grim task of finding the wreckage and black boxes.

We used to watch Air Crash Investigations on Natgeo. I have some idea what this is going to be but let's not speculate.

Update: March 9, 8:35am

I saw a few videos reporting this tragedy. The human stories of the loved ones left behind to mourn the loss is heart rending.

All pointers now seem to suggest terrorism as a possible cause. ABC News at that point of the report didn't know about two passengers using stolen passports to get on board.

We had traveled with Malaysia Airlines to Osaka late last year and told ourselves we wouldn't fly with them again if we could help it. Actually our unhappiness had less to do with the airline than KLIA operations. Besides losing our luggage and we weren't the only ones on that flight to suffer that inconvenience. We were appalled at their casualness and inconsistency airport staff went about their jobs. I thought with such sloppy work it was far easier to smuggle a bomb on board a plane than many other airports. In the back of my mind, I felt that this airport is a relatively easier terrorist target. Time will tell if my guess is right and shame on Malaysia aviation authorities if this turned out to be the reason for this crash.

Update: March 9, 10:10 pm

Not surprised that Najib has ordered this.


  1. Curiouser and curiouser.

    So who's the unknown passenger who is traveling on MH370 on the stolen Italian's passport..the original Mr Luigi Maraldi is still very much alive. His pp was stolen/lost in August last year. Austrian, 2nd passenger is also alive, and not on plane Mr Cristan Kozel. His passport was also stolen 2 years ago. So who are the 2 suspecting travellers?

    Thailand is quite close to Yunnan border? 64% of passengers on board are Chinese? Hope the truth will surface soon.

    Prayers to the family and passengers on that flight. May they be found.

  2. It's very unusual for a plane to just disappear like that. No contact or distress call. I can only surmise that something catastrophic had happened. Now with news of stolen passports being used, I do fear the worst.

    1. We traveled with MAS late last year. Airport staff do not always follow procedures and as we all know, security and safety can only be upheld when people stick to procedures first and only depart from them only with common sense under exceptional situations. I observed airport workers were lazy and sloppy. They cared more about having fun than doing a good job. That airport is a security risk and terrorists must have discovered they are an easy entry point to smuggle on board an explosive device....

  3. The travel schedules of the Italian and Austrian passengers have been posted on a Chinese forum. Their overlapping connecting flight (KL898 PEK-AMS) and consecutive ticket numbers certainly add more suspicion to their roles in the MH370 incident.

    Italian passenger:

    Mar 8, CZ748(MH370),00:35-6:30 KUL-PEK

    Mar 8, CZ767(KL898),11:55-15:15 PEK-AMS

    Mar 8, CZ7737 (KL1139),20:55-22:20 AMS-CPH,

    Ticket Number:784-*******099

    Austrian passenger:

    Mar 8, CZ748(MH370),00:35-6:30 KUL-PEK

    Mar 8, CZ767(KL898),11:55-15:15 PEK-AMS

    Mar 8, CZ7689 (KL1775),21:05-22:25 AMS-FRA

    Ticket Number:784-*******100

    Furthermore, the tickets were one-ways and purchased with Thai Baht - THB 12450 or THB 19560 with taxes,high chances they know each other and the tickets. The tickets are CZ Q class which is the cheapest. MYR price would be 1300 plus taxes.

    The plot thickens. And who are the other 2 european suspects MAS is investigating?

    1. The russian, 3rd stolen passport. And a Chinese from Fuzhou.