Saturday, March 15, 2014

Koh Poh Koon on doctoring in SG tomorrow

I think I have worried aloud about the dark side of health insurance on healthcare here twice. It is good that Dr. Koh is also pointing out the risk of the path we are going down. Somehow I never have much faith in Gan Kim Yong as a minister. What had he done at MOM that was enlightened and farsighted? He presided over the deluge of foreign workers into this small island. Then his ministry never hand shake with Raymond Lim Transport Ministry to cater for the additional huge load on our public transport system. I even wonder if some ministers were competing rather than cooperating with each other!

I have every reason to worry where Gan guy is taking our healthcare system to. Under his watch we experienced third world crowding in a first world society in our hospitals. I am glad Low Thia Kiang punched them hard over this in Parliament recently. Unfortunately instead of feeling ashamed and taking responsibility they usually reacted defensively.

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