Wednesday, March 26, 2014

COI: Commissioner Ng threw the ball back!

I am very glad for some Police confession here. Indeed our police is grossly under resourced. Commissioner Ng is one savvy fellow. He is not going to allow his men to take the rap for nothing. See how he skillfully threw the ball back at his bosses? 

For too long this country have been managed by policy makers with an accountant's mindset. We have been penny wise and pound foolish from people who lack insight for real life but are on the job because of their outstanding academic and CCA records. School as many of us know is a poor laboratory to test and discover the best specimens for real life performance. Just like I saw at Shell, once you are a high flier you are also given a high quota of mistakes which you can be forgiven. Shouldn't we make our scholar policy makers and politicians more accountable? Must it be so obvious that even the stupid can see that they are failing before we remove them? By then big damage done already! 

The meritocratic anointed are not princelings! 

The Police boss is asking for one thousand more men in blue. Who dares say no? Just look at the horrid statistics below and you will see that he is asking for the minimum. 

Bertha Henson's has a far better write-up than I do. After all I am only blogging for myself an often my family. 


  1. Singapore Inc mah...

    soon and ongoing Hotel Singapura

    1. 50 years later, 2064 Hotel New World under the weight of foreigners and what nots.