Thursday, March 27, 2014

Citic huge asset injection into HK

This just came in the mail for me. I googled for the source and here it is.

For a while I was wondering how HKEx lost Alibaba to the NYSE and the dim future HKEx faces sticking to its worthy principles. Every exchange in the world has become more pro business first and pretending to be regulators second with severe if not tragic consequences. Here is one guy doing the opposite. Now I think they will be rewarded. Perhaps the Chinese already told their little brother Hong Kong this was coming.

The Chinese push to securitize and professionalize their SOEs in the next stage of reform after doing nothing under Hu-Wen could yield incredible investing opportunities. But we must also try to understand how the HK tycoons feature here. KS Li seems to be decamping or just diversifying away from Asia. The writing on the wall could be there are great opportunities coming but you have to be qualified to play.

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