Friday, March 28, 2014

China is powerful but also weak

I read the NYT version early this morning but what's new? China is powerful but also deeply insecure and fragile. I don't think it would destroy itself and most likely it will keep growing more powerful. However its methods are brutal. Now since her leaders cut its teeth this way how can we expect it not to behave the same way with weaker powers when it conduct its foreign relations?

Asian nations hate to choose between the US and China but MH370 has revealed to the Chinese where the cards will fall when push come to shove.

China will grow powerful but deformed. In other words it will look grotesque because its hard power will not be matched by soft power. She has no concept of grace and will always need to go to the plastic surgeon to look good superficially and will always lack confidence before the more advanced northern states even as it stride the region with a swagger. She will be very difficult to deal with. In other words the dark scenario LKY worried about them twenty years ago will become true.

The Chinese do not understand the evil trend they are living i.e., the more powerful they become they are also getting more fragile. They will grow more powerful by leaps and then their internal contradictions would bring about a collapse decades from now. Meanwhile the rest of Asia only need to bear with them as best as possible till she somehow foolishly trip herself up. This is so senseless especially when there is a better way. Learn to be a responsible power acting according to international norms. Don't be a bully and all bullies are weak.

Update: March 29 4:15 pm

A timely contribution by LKY to the ST today.

He didn't share anything new except to point out to those who might not know China's six hundred year old naval history when Zhen He sailed the oceans. This past achievement fills their present imagination. They want to totally dominate the seas like they had before. Without saying as much, he is suggesting that nobody is going to stop the Chinese except themselves. The Chinese could have gone about this with more wisdom but the dark scenario he foresaw long ago is already upon us. Now the ball in in our courts for us to make the best of it. In other words, South East Asians should suck it up with some analgesic.


  1. I am afraid you could well be describing Singapore. China does not lack people with refinement and intelligence but they do not have compassion in their DNA that a Buddhist or Judeo Christian culture would refer to. Russia is also an iffy case. But China will not evolve towards freedom. The best they can hope for is to keep away from extreme income disparity otherwise they will see a violent future.

  2. It is good you point out that China has still a long way to becoming "civilised". But I would in good intent advise you not to be overly prejudiced against them to the extent it comes across that the other countries, especially US, stands at the other extreme. I don't think you may have intended that but it is better not to colour our opinions.
    The Chinese world can definitely improve if they do not grave for materialism adding to income disparity among themselves. They should learn that such disparity so very apparent in US and the rest of the world is leading the human race down the abyss and there is no good reason why they should follow suit. It is sad that the western societies, supposedly with a Judeo Christian culture, have not fared any better if you read through their histories.
    Only when human society moves away from casino capitalism and financialisation will it regain sanity. Look at Singapore - next on the cards virtual property speculation! We are becoming one big casino!