Monday, March 3, 2014

A levels results: A tribute to teachers

Beyond their ears and sight I often criticize our educators severely because far too many have through their carelessness, laziness or worse hard heartedness done grave damage to our children. My younger daughter was one such unfortunate victim and I had to work many years to reverse the damage.

On the other hand some teachers are the finest people you can find. I think no other profession except nursing could rival them. And in the recent COI, perhaps SCDF officers too.

My elder daughter have many good teachers but two were clear stand outs and I strongly feel both deserve the President's Award for Teachers, but only one of them had received the award thus far. In both cases I think we had played a significant role but only one of them the principal came out strongly supporting the nomination and act on it aggressively.

Earlier she had shared this with her special primary school teacher and she wrote to me to congratulate us.

Hereon no more school uniforms for this daughter. The 12 year academic marathon is over. She has competed with the best of the land as a special needs child and done absolutely well. The next race in university is a different one because it would be a niche race. Many of the top students will be heading overseas but she can't join them, not yet anyway. We have to continue working hard to get her ready. Going to NUS will buy her time where she practically has the pick of any course she wants. This is the best possible opportunity to read something that fits her development needs best.


  1. Congratulations, happy for your daughter and what a tribute to the teachers。