Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Zaqy Mohammad: The Real Singapore

I had made the mistake with the fake Irene Ng's posting by 'The Real Singapore'. They haven't stop and gone on to Zagy Mohammad over the CCK Town Council.

I don't recall them apologizing for the purported Irene Ng's article.

"The Real Singapore", there is nothing real or truthful about them. This is one site the government should go and fix them right. Better still corner them well so that netizens can do the job.

Update: 12:55

Thanks JG for his comment. It caused me to visit TRS and hunt down what they have done regarding the Irene Ng's case. This is what I have found. OK, forthwith I will look them up (actually I only go because someone told me to) for speed and then wait for the dust to settle if what is published there is correct.

Update: July 19, 3:40pm

This is the best outcome. Safe the perennial PAP detractors the rest of us would have felt let down once more if Serene Tham was right about her allegations.

It is common sense to want the best for the PAP because they are the ruling party with overwhelming dominance. This must not come at the expense of the people, which is I felt they have lost their way.

TRS must do a much better job. Their attitude and behavior is short sighted. Already I believe many of us no longer take them seriously. Curiously they might still have plenty of traffic but eventually they will fade into irrelevance.


  1. To be fair, TRS published MP Zaqy's letter and also responded here : http://therealsingapore.com/content/trs-official-response-mp-zaqy-mohamad. I think they did the right thing. We have seen too many cases of evidence of smoke first surfacing online, only to be ignored or vehemently denied and after a while, only then is it clear that behind the smoke there is fire.

    No, TRS should not be shut down. Yes, it should be called out by the Netizens should it act inappropriately.

    On the contrary, I think ST should be shut down because it had essentially devolved into a govt mouthpiece. It does not deserve the word "journalism".

    1. Thanks. Good to see them do the responsible thing.