Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Tiger Woods: Winning takes care of everything

Who cares what some say especially when they are the small minority. Who cares what they teach you in school about building a good character. Don't place your hopes too high on the return of old fashioned civics or "好公民". The social milieu when that was taught couldn't be more different from today. Let's be brutally honest about what really goes on. What counts today is winning. That's why Nike finds it irresistible and is boldly confident to put up this ad with Tiger Woods. 

Now in the remote chance that this invite a backlash, we would know that society values have changed. I am not holding out for this. 

You need faith to insist and live by winning is not everything. Since when do they teach that in school or even in church (faith is taught narrowly there to 'advance the kingdom' or support prosperity outcomes). Some families still teach faith that is built on grace and sacrifice and I that makes me happy. Some of them are not even professing Christians because this wine somehow always become new and you need new wine-skins to hold it. 

“God does not require that we be successful only that we be faithful.” Mother Teresa.


  1. Does the following article ring a bell in Singapore?

    The 1% aren't like the rest of us
    The ultra-rich share few of the priorities of most Americans, but their access to policymakers is greater, a study finds.

  2. My father takes care of everything.

  3. Indeed, a shame to see in this new world, we are called to win at all cost - and at the expense of others

    This casino capitalism syndrome is taking the world down the abyss - and along with death culture, we are getting a society where no one respect another person's life - or for that matter, one's own life. Living is CHEAP