Tuesday, March 26, 2013

HOTA and Suzanne Chin

I first took notice of the implications of our HOTA on March 15 and blogged about it. Then the CJ inadvertently did me a favor with the story of Suzanne Chin returning from brain death.

Now I imagine there is a spike of submissions from people withdrawing from HOTA.

The docs in HK were probably wrong about Suzanne Chin's brain death. Of course they wouldn't admit it. Furthermore friends and relatives of Suzanne Chin likely cannot resist calling this a miracle. That's fine but the problem is I think our doctors are as vulnerable as those over there in making the same mistake about brain death. I am completely unimpressed from the the clinical procedures mentioned in the article which we are presently using to certify brain death. They must be exactly the same steps the HK doctors had taken. HOTA ought to be backed up with a more rigorous methodology.

Yep, I have downloaded the HOTA opt out form.


  1. May I suggest you provide your readers with a link to the HOTA download.

    Cheers ...

  2. Knock yourself out. My entire family and I would be outing out too. Armed police to enforce HOTA? Can't delay for even 24 hours? Also can't transfer to another hospital to get a 2nd opinion?