Saturday, March 30, 2013

Hire Local First: One of ST worst reports

In spite of  how poorly researched and thought through this report is by Jessica Cheam and Janice Heng, it is still useful to quickly support my view that.

1. This government had been making their job easy by selling Singapore cheap.
2. Our highly ranked and regarded education system actually prepare us poorly for job opportunities.
3. ST has a long way to go with investigative journalism in the era where we must not just trust but also verify.

Look at how hard foreign employees are let in elsewhere especially HK which is more pertinent for comparison. This government made it far too easy for foreigners and then naively trust employers will act honorably putting locals first. This government is unafraid to take us for granted. Instead of working to make our lives better, they substitute that with making the country headline numbers especially GDP look good. Let the people 'eat bitterness' and they will still vote PAP so they thought. Big mistake.

The test of the pudding is in the eating. Who cares how we rank on the TIMSS and whatever you choose to compare. If foreigners are preferred over us, the school system has failed. Period.

The writers of this article did a quick and dirty job. What do the economists really know about what's happening on the ground? The folks they went to for info are the usual names they always go to. These are the ones who are always eager for publicity because it is good for their careers. What about the offending employers? Their voice aren't heard here. Sure they don't want to be featured but for this article to be credible, useful and raise the level of discussion, you must find a way to get the info. What about the government which persisted in these hare brained policies year after year. They have no comment beyond the scant public statements? They are the most accountable.

The echo from the ground is so loud and persistent, which is basically what these economists and recruiters were playing back that such poorly written piece could still be useful for me to support my views on this matter. It also serves to show for a long time the government was deaf. Imagine how much more useful and transforming if ST could do a much better job on this topic. ST is falling behind what its readers require. Remember, nature abhors a vacuum. Thank you for the generous dividends in the past. I have taken profits of all my SPH holdings.

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  1. Lies Lies Lies. They can fool some of the people (including themselves) some of the time, but NOT all the people (excluding themselves) all the time. God forgives them