Sunday, August 7, 2011

We have lost the Presidency

The NST is completely right. As much as I had wished to see a President that is above politics, that is clearly not possible now. A moral vacuum would be created. It is a losing situation because many people think the new President has it, but I have realized from feedback to my earlier blog posts that many of them have the faintest idea on the moral might of a President. Come on, they even struggle with what soft power is.

I can't blame the people for this development. I can only blame the PAP government for taking us here. This is just one of many costly outcomes still unfolding when you abrogate too much power to yourself. At some point, these powers will start to unwind and it is usually messy. Again, I don't expect many people to understand.

The PM hasn't reached out to the other sides that were opposed to his party. He squandered the window between the GE and Presidential Elections. So now the people are using the office of the President to continue pressing their point with the government. This is absolutely costly. What a politically naive PM. I wonder between now and the next GE, his colleagues would not revolt against him especially when his father is gone.

This guy in the picture, he hasn't convinced us that his son received preferred treatment for deferring NS. Where is his moral authority if he ever becomes President?

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