Sunday, August 28, 2011

Tony Tan: The irrelevant President

This President is irrelevant to us as SR Nathan presence wasn't noticed and his absence will not be missed. The EP is a device by the PAP government to check a rogue non-PAP government. If the PAP is the ruling party, this President is effectively a ceremonial President, i.e., like those before Ong Teng Cheong, which were not chosen by us.

Of course he didn't mean to unify us, but it is the necessary public pronouncement. His smile is good to look at but not to be experienced. The further I stay away from him, and that is easy, the better.

Unlike those I read on the social media and even some neighbors, I don't consider that we have lost because our preferred candidate failed to win the office. If that is how I feel, I should have been more active out there fighting with the one I had chosen to win more votes. No, to be rational, most of us who were not activist must have a plan to win regardless who is President. This President is irrelevant. It is jut a very expensive PAP product on the chair.

The President that mattered much more but we do not have the right to choose is the American President. As Singaporeans, as the ultimate price-takers we must be farseeing and adaptable. Foresight suggest that moral corruption which entered the PAP government sometime back has grown to the point that it has become obvious. In the next few years, even more people will notice it.

Any government we can ever form will be a price-taking government. This one is a lousy price-taker because as candidate Tan Cheng Bock patently pointed out, they often put party ahead of national interest. Perhaps if this President could hold on to office for two terms, his grandsons will like his sons serve their full NS liabilities. That is not the issue which the MSM tried to mislead us. The issue is they might enjoy preferential treatment for NS like their fathers had. As it is, a large segment of us will never respect him as President. The standards of national leadership here is normalizing to the rest of the world. What's wrong with that?
President-elect Tony Tan has identified his first task of business, hours after he won the presidential election, which is to unify Singaporeans including the two-thirds who did not vote for him.

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