Sunday, August 28, 2011

Some advice from Tan Cheng Bock

I particularly enjoyed these lines from the report:

The very private Tony Tan could never connect with us like Tan Cheng Bock is able to.

"The party will need to take a critical look at their own way of doing things. They have to learn how to fight again. They have lost their fighting skills. They must learn from me." His comment was greeted with laughs from around the room.

Something more sobering but as an outsider, it is not my problem. If they don't buck up, and if they eventually lose, that's their fault.

"There's definitely a division in the PAP. I can see many of the grassroots openly come and tell me they support me in spite of being told by others not to. They obviously abandoned that expected stand and it's reflected in the votes. The PAP split is right down in the middle. But I'm no longer in PAP.

Like I have witnessed again and again, the present PAP leaders have no courage. Still remember the humbling climb down by Ng Eng Heng and the PM over MT weighting issue in the PSLE. Caused me to lose my respect for them.

Speaking to the media at his home, Dr Tan Cheng Bock said: "You see, you must never run away from the issue. If it's divisive, you can't say oh cannot do. All the more you have to make the effort. That will make people wake up to have that aim for the whole of Singapore."

They don't have someone like Tan Cheng Bock, they cannot hope to close the divisions. Now they would want to make use of him. Why do you think the PM also called to congratulate him after making it hard from the grassroots to support him?

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