Sunday, August 28, 2011

The results of the Presidential Elections

I woke up later than usual this morning, at about half past six. I read the WSJ in my email reporting that Tony Tan had won the Presidency. Earlier I briefly woke in bed and sleepily read the same off my phone on facebook and had a good shut eye until now.

I have voted for the right guy even if he didn't win. We have to respect the outcome of the system. It isn't a fair system but it is also not unusual. Most voting systems in the world aren't fair. In the long run, we can try to improve it but in the short term we have to get on with living successfully.

The elites are far smaller than the 35.19% that voted for Tony. The balance of the non-elites that voted for Tony are to me those who are at the moment only able to pass off rearranging prejudices for the ability to think. You have to give them time to learn how to think. Between now and the next elections, they will have plenty of unpleasant opportunities to do just that.

The election of their preferred candidate to the Presidency only makes it harder for the ruling party to fight the next GE, which is what really counts. As usual they have the bad habit of wanting to have it all. It is up to them if they want to win every battle but lose the war.


So Yahoo had announced this two hours ago when we were still "kooning" Not important enough to stay up for the results. Many times more rejected votes than the winning margin. The results are not very credible.

  • Tony Tan has been declared seventh President of Singapore.
    TT- 744, 397 votes
    TCB- 737,128 votes
    TJS -- 529, 732 vottes
    TKL 103, 931 votes
    Rejected: 37,826
    Total votes: 2,153,014

An example of the many I suggested who cannot think. Not difficult to find.

  • Nancy Tham I think choosing a president is not about what he favors for his political grounds but whether he has the making of a president. Having said that, it would have been painful to see a president who does not stand in line with the ruling party. That I think would have been a bigger joke.
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