Tuesday, August 2, 2011

I agree that Tony Tan should quit the race

When it comes to choosing a President, there must not even be a hint of irregularity in the candidate. Alas, it looks like Tony Tan has failed the test. Mindef can save him by being more forthcoming with details on the disruption of his son, but has thus far failed to do so.

Remember the circumstances that caused Devan Nair to fall from grace? I don't expect Tony Tan to be on the same path, but he might take a different road to the same end. If he really has done it once before or allowed others to do it, what is to stop him from doing it again especially when he had obviously thought there was nothing wrong. Unfortunately in public office, perception is reality. Hasn't he learned that from the Old Guard especially Lee Kuan Yew? Now he has to right that perception if he was really aboveboard. Sadly I imagine this must seem like an impossible task. But isn't it just a phone call to Mindef? May be they are more preoccupied with damage control. Why don't he try suing. It had worked before. That would be most unwise in the current environment. Thank God for he Internet and Social Media.

I do not agree everything with this blog post by the Singapore Statistician but I agree with its main thrust that Tony Tan shouldn't stand. This only serves to reinforce my earlier decision that I am not giving him my support.

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