Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Four Presidential Candidates at ST hosted round table.

This wasn't entertainment, so it is fair to say I worked through all the eight parts. Felt like it went on and on but I thought I ought to sit through it and understand. It is such a godsend opportunity to have all four of them together so that you can compare the four candidates responses. May be from here I can go light about this issue. I am finding it quite wearisome. I am not used to trying to staying up to date with elections. I watched some of my American friends so clued in to theirs. It is both a privilege to be taken seriously but a real chore after a while.

My conclusion: It is either Tan Cheng Bock or Tan Jee Say for me.

Tan Cheng Bock is the experienced realist. Tan Jee Say is the idealist which I admire but I also think a little foolhardy and fail to fully grasp what he is up against. Never fight the wind. In life, after trying your best; you must leave room for grace. I wish we could aspire to Jee Say's vision and moral standing, but I think a reminder from Reinhold Niebuhr, "Serenity Prayer" is in order. Perhaps I shall keep revisiting Jee Say's ideas until it is time to cast my ballot?

Tan Kin Lian does not understand structures. He just wants to cut through them. He will bring chaos and disorder. The man has no respect for right processes - He is eager to change the remit of the President in the Constitution. I am even more convinced he is an impatient action man, but the President is a wise man. As for Tony Tan, there is nothing to think about. He is the choice of the fearful and those who mistook rearranging prejudices for original thinking. He is the preferred candidate of the amoral elites who had somehow explained away that the social situation today is the inevitable Darwinian outcome. So convenient for those who have won. Well, long ago their ancestors also cooked up something to justify slavery and any other exploitative schemes. Dead conscience. I just offended them.

In case you can view the videos, here is the direct link

Now beginning with part 1.

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