Monday, April 25, 2011

Workers' Party Video

How else did I get to know this. Serendipity of course. My take? Feels like the PAP of my parents' time! but it is now called Workers' Party. Of course, the PAP will ask how we are going to pay for it? Good and valid question and we must find the answer and prove them wrong. Why? I don't want the next five years to be like the last five. Even if I were to belong to the elite, I would feel terrible leaving most of my fellow citizens behind. We must carry everyone along together like the young LKY and his team used to do. Time we learn to stretch ourselves and do the "impossible", like the PAP of yesterday. That PAP now is dying under LHL leadership and which LKY himself seems to have forgotten.

Real pity that the Workers' Party is beginning to steal the roots of the PAP. How could they let this happened?

Next, good work from "Humble Opinion" on Facebook why the PAP is not good enough today.

Humble Opinion 
Here are some of the FUNDAMENTALS for your edification :

[1] Condo apartment bought in 1987 = $275K. Today, the same condo apartment [mind you 99-year leasehold less 24 years] selling at $1.2M due to en-bloc fever. New condo apartment of the same size would cost $1.7M today.

HUDC apartment with no amenities in 1987 = $270K, Executive Condo will full amenities today but much smaller = $700K.

[2] Salary of degreed factory Engineer with 3-year MNC experience in 1987 = $3.5K per month. Today, the same engineer gets about $4.0K per month. With inflation, it is a negative pay rise.

[3] Char Kuay Teow in 1987 = $1.50. Today = $3.00. City Satay in 1987 = $0.25 per stick, Today = $0.50 per stick. Katong Kim Choo Bak-Chang in 1987 = $1.00, Today = $1.90. 10kg of Thai Rice in 1987 = $16, Today = $27

[4] 1000cc Japanese car bought in 1984 = $25.5K. Today = $60K with COE.

[5] Owner occupied semi-D [99-year leasehold] bought in 1999 = $1.16M, today same house worth $2.3M. Forget about asset enhancement, it is owner occupied. Sell and migrate... in order to cash out? Young Singaporeans can hardly own landed properties on their own.

[6] GP consultation cost for flu in 1987 = $25 with antibiotics, Today less antibiotics = $35

If this is First World living standard with Third World wages, we should stop and rethink the whole transformation plan for Singapore. Our kids' generation are in a fix - it is very expensive for them to live here in Singapore with such exorbitant cost of living... their standard of living has dropped significantly. No wonder they do not plan to get married that soon and do not want to have more than 1 child.

We may have a strong foundation but our fundamentals are weak.
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