Thursday, April 28, 2011

Went to the SDP rally

Family outing tonight. All of us went to the SDP rally. We left the car at home and took the bus and were surprised to meet a few neighbors at the bus stop! The photo above was taken from Commonwealth station. You can see the red tents where the SDP sells souvenirs to raise funds. Business wasn't too bad. We bought a couple of bears for the kids.

Here is the bear, quite cute if politically incorrect. I don't think the girls will be taking them out in public. Perhaps we shouldn't have such feelings. A growing number of people are abandoning it.Well the truer reason is we do not want to identify with their merchandise yet. We are not sure about supporting them. If it were the Worker's Party, we are in.

We didn't stay long. The trip was to let the children have a feel of what a political rally is like. I suppose I can catch up on the speeches on YouTube later? Hope so.

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