Thursday, April 21, 2011

Router Kaput, New Wireless N modem/router

This router I got in Dubai when we were living there obviously missed the company of the modem that expired yesterday. This time I was wiser. It was behaving erratically since afternoon today. Really odd. One PC will get internet connection and the other wouldn't have access. All wireless have up status but cannot reach the web. When I removed it completely from the system and connected directly to lousy mio modem, there were no problem getting to the web.

Did some quick research and decided to buy either TPL, D-Link or Linksys.

Got this modem router from Challenger at Plaza Sing. What a breeze to set up. The supplied CD guides you to every step. So easy, what a pleasure.

CD already programmed for Singnet or Pacific Internet. That was the trick. Customized for our market.

I can feel the speed boost from Wireless-N

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