Friday, April 8, 2011

Review of reading lamp for my Kindle

I have become quite unhappy with the reading light I am using with my Kindle (see Feb 15 post). I was planning to retire it but wifey suggested replacing the batteries. I took her suggestion and bought fresh batteries tonight and I said to her, "I know what I would do. I shall look up my blog to see when I bought the lamp". Now I am somewhat pleased that it was in the middle of February. Didn't know I have asked for a lot from a pair of button batteries. Indeed it was time to change.

This blog is useful beyond my initial expectations. I had also not blogged many of my thoughts, which I had hoped. I am allowing myself to grow into that. What's the hurry? No pressure here.

NaviMap work is ramping up. I shall be very busy. I think I am making a breakthrough but the journey is a very long one.

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