Friday, April 29, 2011

Rally speeches

So the kids had a feel what an elections rally is like. Now I am doing the leg work of putting together some memorable ones for them to study. I shall skip the PAP ones. We are so familiar with those, they are even required study for social studies in school.

First to go because we are in this constituency. Dr. Vincent Wijeysingha from last night rally.

Next because I found this first before the others...I am still searching, this one by Sylvia Lim of WP. I wished their reps were standing here. The choice would have been a no brainer.

And here is Chen Show Mao, more cerebral and less emotional as he is a very serious man after all.

Now the speech by Nicole Seah, a must for young listeners. I appreciate (that show respect) he has addressed the PM as PM Lee instead of Mr. Lee.

Low Thia Khiang. He is important because he is the substantial leader of the WP. Clearly a guy who loves talent in others more than in himself.

Can't find the speeches from Chiam See Tong, Benjamin Pwee etc., Add them later.

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