Wednesday, April 27, 2011

PAP has a high chance of losing power

I sense that many people want to teach the PAP a lesson for being so arrogant, dismissive and insensitive. Very few people want them to be voted out of government. However this academic possibility is no longer unrealistic. I sense this about a year ago when my old uncle, a stalwart PAP supporter told me at my late father's funeral how angry he was with the ruling party.

My latest mental framework of what is happening, I have blogged for myself here.

An email arrived at 2.30am from my ex boss at Shell. He had seen all these before as young man being old enough to have retired from Shell. He is only a few years younger than my parents. I quote from his email

"To me, the situation now is quite alarming, I have never heard from so many people and of so many negative things about PAP and I wonder what will be the outcome of the G.E. In the early election years, I remember hearing lots of good comments on PAP and no doubt these vocal people were supporters of PAP, and the quiet ones tend to be supporters of the oppositions. Not sure this time round it is going to be the opposite….that means the vocal ones now will vote for the oppositions and the quiet ones vote for the PAP and more likely for personal reasons."

and further he wrote,

MM once mentioned about his fear of a freak G.E. result, well I am having this fear now. People may no longer vote for who is better but simply just to see change because of their frustration with the arrogance of PAP.

I am very sure lots of people do not want the next five years to be like the last five. If we keep them in government and if they think they are servants of the people, they don't realize they will make us dogs and mongrels. Nobody wants that.

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