Saturday, April 9, 2011

Meeting Felice

Felice has been in Singapore for ten days, but we haven't been able to meet her until this afternoon. She had made it a point to be early at the airport for this reason.

I have never met her before. Got to know her via InspiringThots about five or six years ago. I have forgotten I sent her some discs and she was extremely appreciative. I mean, I sent so many complimentary disc especially to the poorer countries who cannot afford it. I loved that privilege.

I was surprised how excited she was to see us. We chatted for a long time until check-in. She hand made two most lovely bags for our girls. I am thankful to the Lord for having being such a source of encouragement for her. I was quite unaware. I know intellectually InspiringThots has been a boon for many, but nothing prepared me for this.

She hand made two lovely bags for our girls. What a pity the girls couldn't join us. She so much wanted to meet them. I will send her photos of them carrying these bags.

Well she should be ready to take off about now to Clark air base. I hope wifey is able to help her impressively articulate daughter find a better job.

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