Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I had voted for him: Lim Boon Heng

As you know, most of us do not get a chance to vote. I voted once in Ulu Pandan and I voted for Lim Boon Heng. Dr. Dixie Tan had retired and Lim Boon Heng was her replacement for Ulu Pandan. Good guy. We used to attend the Mid Autumn celebrations where he was the guest of honor. It was not as good when Vivian Balakrishnan took over. He closed the NTUC student care at the CC, a beautiful place, because he insisted on using that as his town council office. The place was new, all the reno gone to waste and all the students had to move and cramp with the kids at the childcare - most unideal. Then Christopher DeSouza took over from Vivian and he was worse. When I saw the list of no-nos Dr. Tan Cheng Bock listed for MPs, DeSouza had violated at least half of them!

So is the PAP rep at my constituency getting better? Clearly no. And the GRC system has caused standards to fall. For the negatives the GRC system has given us, we ought to think up a better way to ensure minority representation.


After writing the above, I went for lunch at Ghim Moh Market. The stall holder happened to sit with me since he was also having lunch. We had a chit chat. Beside learning that the couple are usually up at 3 in the morning, that they needed the post office staff to read correspondence for them, they also didn't know that the GE is around the corner. Well, I also learned that they gave Lim Boon Heng the thumbs up, doesn't think much of Vivian B. and doesn't even know their MP now is Chris DeSouza! So susa isn't it?

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  1. Thumbs up for him cos he cried? What good has he done?