Saturday, April 23, 2011

Good Friday

People would rather be religious than moral. Students would rather buy or make little presents for their teachers on Teachers' Day than study hard. My children would rather try to give me a birthday present than take my advice on doing better for themselves.

The ancient Jews believed that the animal sacrifices they made could magically take away their sins. Well, the temple religion is gone with Titus destruction of Jerusalem. In modern times, the Filipinos take this to the extreme and I know Christians from all over the world will try to re-enact the crucifixion if conditions permit in the Holy Land. Of course, nobody re-enact the Resurrection. Let the Easter Eggs be the day's celebration on Sunday.

The point is we will do anything except obey him. We want to pluck the forbidden fruit all over again. We want to determine our own lives. We want to do it our way. We also want to love God our way. That's us alright.

For now, the evidence overwhelmingly points to God allowing us to love him our way, which is not love at all.

I am allergic to religious people.

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