Saturday, April 9, 2011

First thing in the morning

Up since 4.30am helping to bring my daughter's PC up to date after it was returned to us late afternoon yesterday. To her credit, she had installed many apps on her own but was stymied by the strange behavior of the Brother Control 3 software. I have downloaded the latest version and would try again after I have brought XP to SP 3.

First thing this morning she has to get to her CL homework and complete it before the tutor arrives. It is so damn hard to get her to work on this subject :-( It has cost her dearly in the PSLE. Good grief, she is Chinese.
This might be the first task this morning but my first thoughts and prayer are still for our Thai teenager who had lost both her legs. I am not surprised the family wasn't happy with SMRT. Our government affiliated organizations as expected have no affective life. Everything by the stupid dead book. No wonder wifey and I could never work for them. Now timber grown and cut from there wants to become MPs and ministers? Catherine Lim's "Great Affective Divide", no longer discussed but still living among us!

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