Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Demolishing Dr. Chee Soon Juan?

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An old friend forwarded the above to me. It was written by the late Anthony Yeo, whom I have very high regard for. I don't ever recall reading something like this in the ST. I wonder where my friend got it from. From other documents that I have received, I know this is not something made up. You know, it is easy to do this sort of thing since Dr. Yeo is no longer with us.

Such bad taste, I can't believe a veteran journalist like her could have written up an article to invite a response like Anthony Yeo's. 

Now I should I be interested in all these? Well I live in the Holland-Bukit Timah GRC. I have an MP I am most unhappy with and although I still support some of the PAP's policies, I would be happy to be relieved of my MP. Recently I have learned that the SDP is contesting here. 

I am very unhappy that for all their high vaunted selection system, the PAP have produced more dud MPs than expected. I do not wish to enumerate everything I find unacceptable about my MP. Just one: He came visiting on the 7th day of the CNY. That was a bad time. When I opened the door, I was greeted by an almost totally minority race team - the Chinese were busy on that day. And what did the highly successful former Dr. Tan Cheng Bock says about choosing when to visit residents? Exactly! Let's just say half of Dr. Tan advice on how to treat your residents, my MP has failed to observe. 

Yes, I was also made to wait for him. His advance party arrived first to get us to stand beside our door for his arrival. Well, it didn't happen because I told his colleagues in no uncertain terms that I wasn't keen to meet him. So much for being servants to the people as the PM recently admonish them. No wonder they needed his reminder. This is the clever thing he ought to do, but alas I think his heart isn't in it to serve his residents. He should have knock on the doors himself and go away to the next house leaving his behind party to continue ringing the bell. Then he should return and as a resident I don't mind waiting for him to back track to me. But to be treated like some Imperial Mandarin, to command respect before earning it, that doesn't go down with people any more. How times have change! Even school teachers don't get the respect any more. They have to earn it. We all have to earn it. This is the Zeitgeist now. He is either totally out of touch or just couldn't be bothered. I fear many MPs are like him. The PAP has started decaying beginning from the fringes at the MPs level. It will take a while to rot to the centre but I fear the process has begun. Some of us can sense it but they and many people are still clueless about it. And to what degree I am right or wrong, I will nervously wait for the day after polling day to find out. 

This is really odd. Whilst the opposition parties have become much better at fielding credible candidates, the PAP does not seem to be able to maintain or widen their candidates quality gap with their challengers. Something is very wrong here. 

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  1. I remember very long time ago, the former (and late)Tiong Bahru's MP Ch'ng Jit Koon (or something like that, hey it was a long time ago when I was a teenager...) knock on our door personally; I'm was the one opening the door.

    And I've heard he was very close to the hawkers in the market and had lots of support from the common folks. I had a very good impression then and even now. He is definately humble.

    Now my MP didn't even turn up for this GE when the grass-roots knew that we are not in and only our 3 teenage kids were in. She miss the chance of 3 good impressions.