Saturday, April 30, 2011

Christopher de Souza visiting 'four to five times'

Christopher De Souza was quoted in the ST online as follows:

Mr de Souza said the PAP team has been walking the ground in the constituency and has visited each unit 'four to five times'.

I understand that very well. He has been to my block about two or three times, not four to five times. Only once I opened my door to him. The rest of the time I refused to see him. I have since checked with several of my neighbors who had given him the same treatment.

It takes very little time to walk through my block and so he can do it more than once. He never figured out whey we do not want to see him. For me, seeing him once was more than enough. It was an unforgettable experience.

I can't verify that he has been visiting 'four to five times'. It just sounded exaggerated to me.


Just came back from visiting the HBT facebook page. Nice to see CDS has his fans. That's only reasonable or he would be in big trouble not now, but long ago. If he comes by again, I will see if he only bring minority race with him and if I had to stand at the door and wait for him. As I said before, if he is truly humble, there wouldn't be any scripted bahavior, e.g., don't have an advance party, but use a left behind party, i.e., knock on our doors first and go and then come back. If your PM styled you guys as servants then don't expect us to wait for you like some Chinese Mandarin.

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