Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Broadband is up!

The brand new modem Singtel gave me when I recontracted only lasted slightly more than a month! When the tech guy arrived and saw that "black ugly" he immediately recognized the problem. So now I have a white and older generation modem.

Perversely, this wasn't all that was in this story. I tested this modem and like he warned me the range was really short, unacceptably short. So I reconnected my five or six year old Linksys modem and get invited into a lot of problems. For hours I the connection kept dropping. Called Singtel for help and our tech guy came back at 5.30pm to investigate. The phone line was thoroughly checked. In the end there was only one possibility remaining: the Linksys modem. How I wished it had just failed than acting intermittently.

I am now combining my mio modem with the Linksys router I took back from Dubai.

After years of reliable service. It's retirement time. How I wished you would just kaput instead of gasping for breath confusing me and the tech from Singtel.

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