Friday, April 22, 2011

Botanic Gardens Food Court

If I remember correctly, the food court has been closed since last October. I wonder why they have not invited someone else to take over. Very soon it would be six months the hoi polloi visiting the Botanic Gardens have no cost effective place for their food and drinks. The first food court appeared to be quite a successful operation to me. We used to go there for our meals. My guess is the lease was up and in competitive bidding they had lost. The company taking over raise prices and customers fled sealing their fate.

That's the trouble with present day Singapore. Real estate is too expensive. What a huge transfer of wealth through rent collection activities. An iconic entrepreneur like Sim Wong Hoo struggles. Meanwhile less bright fellows in the real estate business make money by the cartloads even as they sleep on their Tempur mattresses. Our values are upside down.

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