Thursday, April 14, 2011

Anthony Robbins for my daughter

The last time my daughter asked me how to get down to working when her mind was drifting to playing on the computer I didn't give her an answer. Today she asked me again, more graphically, in many more words. This time I asked her to spend 22 minutes on a presentation Anthony Robbins gave at TED. I felt that the first time she wasn't serious enough for the answer. You don't answer every question your child ask you know. You have to observe, read and often pray. My father above regularly gives me the same treatment.

We will need to do better than this, but one step at a time. Human nature demands it, God's grace has provided it. That is why the Cross was necessary. That's why there is no other way. Once upon a time, there was a true story of grace. Many of us have already come across. This chap had he not been forgiven for tens of thousands of deaths would never be used by the Lord to pen one of the most beautiful songs ever written: Amazing Grace. His name was John Newton.

Amazing Grace will always be Underestimated Grace. It loves to make fools of us. It is beyond ecumenism for those who are so straitjacket with their Bibles. They have forgotten their intellectual ancestors, the religious leaders of Jesus days. Watch how you pray! There you will get a practical idea of how you stand before the Almighty.

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