Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Angst over George Yeo

Pity that it is him or the Worker's Party that will make it to parliament after polling day. He has been one of my favorite ministers. Thoroughly brilliant, I admire him from a distance. When I was living in Dubai and I needed help, I emailed my MP but he ignored me. I emailed George Yeo on Facebook and he responded within ten minutes and arranged for the consular department to help me.

I have no doubt that if Aljunied GRC is broken into SMCs, George Yeo would win hands down and my MP concentrate more fully in his law career when we vote him out. Never imagined that the GRC system would make "life risky or even unfair". Many less needed or deserving MPs from the PAP might retain their seats but facing formidable and extraordinary opponents George Yeo might be out all because his GRC is a national proxy for our desire to see more check and balance in parliament. That's just life. So many things in life is just life!

The nation ranks ahead of a GRC. Painful choice.

I believe whichever side wins, this is one GRC where all of them are winners. Few contests are like this.

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