Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Latest issue of NUSS magazine

I can't remember how the cover of the previous issue looked like. I don't know what they all looked like going back a year and probably more. We regularly just throw them away. The last time I did not was perhaps more than ten years ago. That was Divine Providence as I found my friend among the new NUSS members. So she graduated and I wanted to congratulate her because it was her lifelong ambition to go to university. I didn't get to do that until quite a few years later when she sent me surprise birthday wishes through another friend who happened to meet her at a gathering organized by yet another friend. Way short of six degrees of freedom.

So I removed the latest issue of The Graduate from its plastic mailer wondering what surprise might be in store and yet half expecting to be disappointed. What else can they print about LKY that is not already put out by the media?

I was right.

I turned to the new NUSS members page. Looks very different from long ago. Decided not to go beyond that. I don't expect to find yet another friend has joined as an associate member. Sometimes I wonder if I should not surrender my membership. Paying my dues every month but hardly making use of it.

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