Tuesday, February 19, 2013

From SG Plus to SG Grave

Oh, the brouhaha from Zaobao has now come to ST: Low refutes claim of 'inciting xenophobia'

One of those commenting provided an interesting link which I pursued and got a screen shot (ST Oct 29, 2010). Huh, these immigrants clan leaders have utterly failed in achieving integration with the newly arrived. Now it is like the swimmer who is not able to dive complaining that the pool is too deep; the water too cold and the trunks too loose! Sounds better in hokkien. Learned it long ago no less from my Sunday School teacher. You can't do the job, you blame everything else except yourself. When you wag your finger at Low Thia Kiang, you asked for it. Low doesn't need to do very much. He just borrow the wind to do the lynching for him. I am not part of the mob but I can't resist noticing this is yet another one who should have kept his own counsel or open his mouth and removed all doubt.

It is a long journey which at its quickest pace is still measured by the decades: the evolution of the Singapore identity. We have always welcomed foreigners to help us build a Singapore Plus. But if we take in too many too quickly, we will suffer a Singapore Minus, which we are living down now. The Pop. White Paper promises more of the same, which many of us perceive must take us to the Singaporean grave. We become extinct. Nothing could be more serious. I have started my calculations that the PAP might lose power in the next GE, as I had earlier concluded that they would lose PE in the by election. I didn't even need more evidence which the good doc generously provided later after my blog post. It's quite simple. Character is destiny. Ask yourself what is this PAP government character? If they don't metamorphose to suit the times, they will be out. Truly, with a government like this which threaten to destroy our homes and way of life why do we even need enemies much less an invasion to respond with the SAF?

Actually I am making a premature call. One of those I love to be wrong. There should be positive surprises. Do not despair. It's not the end of Singapore, but it is also time to read the tea leaves often and carefully.

Update: 12:55

Click on pic to read article.
The quote marks is now code from ST not to believe what they sandwiched. It's their way to appease the government. Thank God for Cheong Yip Seng's OB Markers book.

Update: Feb 22, 9pm

He is getting it as I had expected earlier.

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  1. This is the result of the sleigh of hand played by the current President.
    Didn't he urge the chinese clans to do more?
    And this is what we get..they vs us fight.
    IF they are doing such a great job in integrating new PRC citizens, why is their website only in chinese? Even the Chinese Chamber of Commerce has dual languages! That's the kind of division that PAP is leading us down to.