Tuesday, February 5, 2013

FM 93.8 Live on the Population White Paper

It is not often you hear Mediacorp radio plugging for the government but it happened this morning as we listened to the radio on our way to work. When I got the chance to check their facebook page, I found two comments pointing out this fact.

  • Randolph Lee are the hosts the mouth piece of the government or asking for the opinion of the people? not convinced. The "we need foreign workers" to create better jobs for singaporean theory has already been shoved down our throats a long time ago. Look at where we are now. Look at the people on the ground. Who is getting richer over all these years and who is getting poorer?

  • Sohibo Netads When the host was speaking to the radio listeners, they use phrases like " we are, we want " my question is, are they gathering views or are they " the government, or representing the government??" or trying to force people to accept.

Meanwhile ST is playing it safe acting like a post box for Teo Chee Hean speech in parliament and providing no value added or opinion. Perhaps their editors must have had a thrashing behind closed doors from the government earlier. Cheong Yip Seng's OB markers helps us imagine how it might have happened.

But the problem is with Teo Chee Hean, the PM and his ministers given their flip flopping, back pedaling and pure amateurish communication. How could they have misread the ground and screw up so badly. Yet more evidence to prove that they are out of touch. May be they decided sometime back they don't need to be in touch. They are gods, what do they care? They are doing this for the good of Singapore and that somehow it will mysteriously be good for Singaporeans along the way. They conveniently ignore that the ongoing experiment was a failure. If they were fund managers, they would have been fired long ago. Well the lock up period is until 2016 and then we can fire them eh?


  1. Let's look at their track record in "projection" or "planning"

    1) We must merge with Malaya or we die...is inevitable. No we didn't, we went our separate ways and thrived.

    2) We must stop at two..not enough to go around. No we didn't, we needed to have more than two or we die.

    3) We must have casinos or no jobs, we die...We not only had 1, we had 2 and most jobs went to foreigners.

    4) We must plan for 5.5m way back in 2001..but now in 2013, we reached 5.3m and totally under-planned, lacked 20/20 and we still want to increase to 6.9m!

    I am sure there are many more examples people can think of..Too many of these bogeymen that people are tired and sicked of their Do or Die tactics. If they insist on pushing this through..tsk tsk

  2. I do observe that some DJs from FM service are more PLP than the prostitues from the MSM,I note ONE non-Asian face in particular,he takes it upon himself to "save" PAP,it seems ,I certainly hope that he is a citizen,or else one day he has to go Changi hotel for interefering in our domestic affairs.
    Which ruling political party in the world depends on foreigners to help it?The answer is the one very near to Johore causeway.