Saturday, April 8, 2017

Syria and the downfall of Bannon

It was an unexpected only because we do not have peepholes into the White House. I recognized it is time to take Keynes advice that when the facts change, I should also change my mind.

The dots lined up and are best joined as follows:

Trump has had absolutely no success following Steve Bannon's advice. The most important thing to Trump is winning and America First is just the means to win. If he can't win at home then he must enlarge the concept of America beyond her borders and win elsewhere. Hence he ordered the missile attack on Syria.

General McMaster was always more than a match against Bannon. It was unwise not to be able to work with Kushner who belonged to the Trump family. Blood is thicker than water especially in a democracy.

In the end Bannon's reputation for intelligence and strategy was way overblown. Instead he and his kind are slaves to a discredited and dangerous ideology. He will not get his evil opportunity to take on Pope Francis. He is not a Christian in anyway except in name.

Update: 2:45 pm

That's right, the Russians can't. Thoughtful readers and professionals in national security knew that. It is the public which do not and Putin wanted to con his own public. Obama had repeatedly called the Russians paper tiger, spent force and basically weak and declining but he was reluctant to act against them and most others aggressively because there was no need to. The stronger you are militarily the less you need to use it. Isn't that what we do here as well?

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