Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Roaches, rats and drugs

Like roaches and rats this is a damn problem that never goes away. There are broadly two ways to manage this and the difference is in manpower and costs.

The golden result and unaffordable approach is to be so tough with it that we are always ahead of the curve but the risk is that we will grow complacent and think the problem is solved when it was always under control. Inevitably we let down our guard and the drug addiction problem storm back.

The more practical approach but politically less attractive is to fight winning and losing matches. We draw red lines in the sand and always make sure we are doing better than that. Yet we could easily become complacent because our KPI is that red line. I think that is what we are doing here. At least the problem will not ambush like a storm, which is easier to deal with.

On the other hand the Americans are stupid about this issue. They never could understand and deal with it holistically because they could never agree with each other on how to deal with this. Opioid addiction is becoming rampant there and I suppose they are as per their history waiting for it to get so bad that they finally could agree to act in concert and deal with this decisively.

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