Sunday, April 16, 2017

North Korea: Convenient missile failure

The NYT report says, "The missile blew up almost immediately..." I suspect this is a staged failure as a successful launch would surely reveal them to a a paper tiger with costly consequences to them. For the first time the Americans are serious about attacking them. I belonged to the camp that the North's military is decrepit and its threat very grossly exaggerated. 

Update: April 18 9:25 am

The Americans bringing out the big stick with the approaching carrier strike force to negotiate. 

Wanting an agreement quickly from Kim Jong Un and on much tougher conditions than would be have been possible in the past or what Iran got. 

Fat boy is in trouble. 

Update: April 18 9:25 pm

Some very serious miscommunication. 

Update: April 19 9:05 am

​Don't know if this is just a case of suffering the consequence of a commander in chief who only knew how to run a family business without relying on processes or his secretaries being former generals leveraging that and playing Sun Zi. McMaster and Mattis are fully capable of pulling off such tactical stunts as war fighting officers. That is the difference between having civilians and former military people in charge.

See story.


  1. Not if you are the s.korean, Chinese and Japanese.

    1. True! And fighting is often a reckless act with unknown consequence yielding many possible regrettable outcomes.