Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Islam in Singapore: Build or Destroy Bridges

Picture A: Debating the tudung issue in Parliament

Picture B: Imam Nalla apologies

Picture A: Many who commented on Facebook didn't think Faisal was wrong. I prefer another test. Is that an act of risking bridges that have been built between Muslims and the rest or at least taking us nearer that point? We can make this a philosophical, practical or even complex issue. The most important is the question of what it might do to the bridges already there.

Picture B: That is clearly building bridges. If Faisal turned out to be wrong since nobody can stop him from talking about tudung or any seemingly sensitive race and religion issues in parliament, can we repair the damage? After all that was the mistake Iman Nalla made and the end has been much better than the beginning because the bridge he shook has become a much stronger than the original bridge.

Singaporeans must decide and leaders must make a Plan B in case public opinion is wrong.

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  1. Video footage & amount of news reported for parliament are totally under control of authorities. If the Faisal case is so sensitive or damaging why devote like 20min of TV news time on it, or have full page of newspapers reporting it?!?! By raising it up so high on a podium & highlighting it, won't it become self-fulfilling & flame any potential insidious thoughts etc?? There are many hundreds of parliamentary discussions & most of them are not reported at all or merely mentioned in 1 sentence on TV or a couple of sentences in the newspapers. They're only reported in the Hansard or parliamentary records which no normal people will even know where to find much less read them. So why & what purpose & for which audiences the authorities shine the spotlight on this matter so spectacularly for??? You need critical thinking to figure out the answers.