Friday, April 7, 2017

CHC: Prominent product of Project Crossover

As I write this many people are praying for a benign judgement from the three judges from the high court this morning. I am not among them. I am with the DPP but also happy that this is not my direct burden! One more hour more or less to know the verdict.

A few days ago I got this on Whatsapp and I found a better copy on YouTube. This the testimony of big time HK gangster whom as a result of Kong Hee and the Crossover project is now a Christian and even a pastor as well.

Don't bother with the full ten minutes of the clip. The first three minutes is good enough. Watch how he wears such a happy and joyful smile.

I am shocked he could smile at what he had done to others previously. There should always be shame and remorse. I doubt he understand repentance.

Now look at the next clip, a dramatization of John Newton's testimony from the movie, "Amazing Grace"

That is what someone who had recognized his many sins but repented and remembering what he had done should appear to be like.

Kong Hee and his kind bring infamy to Christianity. Today a secular court will condemn them for the evil they had done to others. Stand with Kong Hee and share his fate, whatever that might be we shall only know fully on the Last Day.

Update: 10:25am

They were looking for better than this, like exonerated from all wrong doing. After all they were serving God.

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