Monday, April 10, 2017

CHC dirty linen on US TV

I have received many copies of this clip. At least my non Christian friends do not tar me with the same brush they are painting CHC.

CF just posted to say sorry. Guess he had intended it for somewhere else but the point is that this has gone viral. It is actually old news but it carried the sentiment of many and they are passing it around to to tell each other that they felt the same on this issue.

With Ho Yeow Sun in charge, CHC members should do themselves a favor and vote with their feet. This is so bad, you might as well not belong to any church at all. Just go find another church.


  1. It's biz as usual at CHC when you check out their financial statements. Yearly offering and tithes at least $30mil and surplus $4-10mil. Cash $53mil at end 2015. No wonder he human brain is still a mystery.

    1. Thanks for checking that and sharing the info. Some and I am afraid too many continue to keep faith with this couple because they fear losing out on the material blessings if they leave though they will not publicly admit (they have other ways of saying the same thing without the guilt). Those tithes are a "tax" on what "God gave them". They are not free but slaves to a system. If brain washing is needed for them to imagine that they are free and saved, they will do that.