Saturday, April 8, 2017

CHC Appeal: Beyond the Law, Five saved One

I read this in the ST this morning.

Consider the counterfactual where five of them save Kong Hee had lived differently. No, they did not take the money to spend it on themselves directly but imagine they did so indirectly, the outcome of their appeals would not have been so benign. The absence of the pursuit of self interest by these five helped to make Kong Hee looked less bad. Kong Hee misled them with his bad theology but I think pride prevented them from admitting they were conned by his false theology.

The laws of the land and those of God are different. We read in the Bible that if you looked at a woman lustfully, to God you have committed adultery. So Kong Hee better wise up because another law could be read to him another time but I know he thought God is all forgiving and he could finagle forgiveness out of him somehow. After all he knows his Bible and have used it to mislead the other five. In jail, it is reasonable to imagine that they will turn away from his theology.

Special note: Sun Ho was character wise too weak to be present at the High Court yesterday but she is inexplicably strong enough to lead CHC in the absence of Kong Hee. Go figure!

Update: 7:55 pm

Good this ought not to be over yet. The Law Minister discussed how this impact on policy matters but it is clear there is much public disquiet as well which have serious political implications.

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