Wednesday, April 5, 2017

A law against marital rape

Because women aren't properties of men. Period. Female and Male both are humans, without each other there is no future. A diminished future if they are not equal as the historical evidence shout this fact at us. In many Asian countries, women protest this unfairness silently but devastatingly by letting the birth rates fall over the cliff. That is the ultimate signal. Wicked men blamed society for empowering women with their own economic security which without they would have produced children for their own security sake.

We have only crossed the bridge halfway. Some men tried to walk back e.g., what Donald Trump meant by making America great again abetted by narrow minded insecure Christian religionists. Or we could also continue walking to the other side to a better world (but always grossly imperfect) which is exemplified by former President Obama family and his  governing values.

Yes, married women should have the same protection from violence as unmarried women.

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