Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Uncommon old fashioned decency

I am glad a JC classmate and that is a long time ago, shared this on Facebook. I used to occasionally come across such types when I was a kid and I watched how they do business with my parents. They are very rare now and that is also the reason why the income and wealth gap is so huge.

To my kids, watch and learn. For me this is fond nostalgia.

Now it would be impossibly idealistic that all business people are like this guy. We should emulate him but as individuals and families. We mustn't make such conduct public policy because it is impractical and impossible.

Nevertheless we need to encourage and extol more of such behavior. We want to see this only from people who do it out of the goodness of their hearts and now for show which is simply hypocrisy. If public policy tries to achieve this that is what it would become and that is why character education in our school is not succeeding as well as hoped. We have seen that in Japanese society and see where they are now. Stuck with two lost decades.

That is why I cannot support Lawrence Khong public initiatives on the family modeled after the American "Focus on the Family" led by Dr. James Dobson which by the way is openly endorsing the unfit Donald Trump as President.

Good Christianity is private rather than public but it will becomes public when enough individuals live it. Do not try to enforce morals top down which makes you no better than the Islamic religious police in some countries. The only difference is that they have a head start over you. Given the opportunity and time we would just create a Christian and a repressive version as the Islamic one. That would be a Christianity without Christ. That is also a Church Pope Francis is fighting mightily against. Excerpt from the NYT I read earlier: Has Pope Francis Failed?

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