Sunday, September 11, 2016

Statins: Big Pharma strikes back

This is from yesterday ST with the big advert cut out.

The source of the article is Reuters but many other media companies have published it as well at the same time.

For a while I thought the issue was more or less settled. The new evil isn't fats or cholesterol but sugar. With these doctors in the pocket of Big Pharma study, it feels like the Empire has struck back. It is telling the media has done a very bad job reporting this story. Perhaps they have been paid too.

This is a complex issue made devilishly complex by those with the resources to promote their agenda regardless of the truth. Just as Big Oil was guilty about global warming, Big Pharma could be wrong about statins to protect their commercial interests.

Global warming is settled except for the US Republican Party. They will come around to that eventually. On the other hand statins is still mired in controversy. As the battles is fought consumers are bewildered and confused. They will not act on reason which is paralyzed for most but with fear.

Waiting for the other side to mount a counter offensive: sugar is the new fat. Just like sitting is the new smoking.

See also: Effects of Statins on Energy and Fatigue With Exertion: Results From a Randomized Controlled Trial.

To be practical (i.e., commerce without guilt) most GPs will continue to encourage and dispense statins. Most people do not know how to think about this and their limbic brains will be making the decision for them. Eventually the truth will get out, after many years. Just like smoking, just like global warming.

Meanwhile the huge and escalating cost is increasingly people no longer trust experts. The signature consequence of their moral and intellectual corruption: Brexit.

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