Thursday, September 1, 2016

Second NIE cancer death

I do not know Jesselyn Ng but it must be so hard for her family to live with losing her. But why is she in this blog? Because my friend's daughter was also at NIE and she passed away in May this year from cancer.

I got to know she was fighting stage IV colorectal cancer from her blog which I had not visited for years. I happened to be cleaning up my Internet browser bookmarks in November last year, something I almost never do because I have no time. So I tested some of the links and I was saddened to discover the fact.

Sometimes in our lives God opens up a fracture in time and insert something to change its course.

Well Jesslyn has an elder sister, so did this young woman.

Borrowing someone I do not know to remember someone I do, but we are all connected to each other in unobvious ways which suddenly hit us out of the blue.

Update: 11:35pm

How on earth did I know this is the second? I don't, I just assume that as it is because it is too hard to imagine there are more.


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    1. NIE stands for National Institue of Education where are school teachers are trained.