Saturday, September 17, 2016

Please demolish 38 Oxley Road

Reach discovered in a poll that 77% of us would dearly loved to grant LKY his wish to have his house demolished.

Ban Ki Moon with only months left to his final term as secretary general of the UN pointed out that in his job he had come across many leaders who were only interested in retaining power and privilege at all costs. Many have contempt for their people, they are wolves in sheep clothing.

Smart people in government say this is not a straightforward issue. To me this is not multifaceted public policy or security issue when you weigh it against the moral imperative. So what is your problem?

Demolish it or some of us (perhaps many of us) will treat the Cabinet with contempt. You don't understand this simply, honorably and morally do you? For all he had done for us he only had one simple request and you have the callousness to say no? You understand nothing about debt and gratitude. We owe it to him and Ms. Kwa to honor their only request of us.

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